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Sociologist and Author Margaret R. Davis



Margaret R. Davis has first-hand knowledge of the joys and disappointments of her characters.  She has worked in a number of environments—from law firms and universities to giant steel and power companies, experiencing the frustration of rejection but also the triumph of promotion, and the often competing pulls of work and personal life.

Margaret received a doctorate in Sociology from Stanford University, specializing in sociology of the family and of formal organizations.  Shortly after graduating, her book Families in a Working World (Praeger, 1982) was published.  After several years in government-sponsored research, she became an internal consultant in a large San Francisco firm where she was promoted to director of their Management Consulting Section.  There, she wrote a second book,  A Practical Guide to Organization Design (coauthored with David Weckler, Crisp Publications, 1995).

Her first work of fiction, Straight Down the Middle (Kelso Books, 2009), tells the story of a young lesbian juggling work, love and motherhood while her ambitious partner focuses on her career.

Her current novel, The Miranda Affair (Sand Hill Review Press, 2017), focuses on the political shenanigans within a large corporation as rivals struggle for advancement.  It is set in San Francisco in the year of the devastating 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.

Several of Margaret’s short stories have been published in The Sand Hill Review Press and in The Fault Zone Anthology.

Margaret is a member of the California Writers Club, and served on the board of the San Francisco Peninsula Branch for many years.

Her next writing project is memoirs of her happy life!