My father was Scottish and my mother Armenian. My father’s business interests were split between England and India, and my brother and I were both born in Calcutta. During the first eight years of my life, the family frequently traveled back and forth between England and India. When my father unexpectedly died, my mother, brother and I settled down in England for the next ten years. When I graduated from high school in England, my mother remarried and shortly after, we emigrated to Canada. In Toronto, there was no money to send me to college and I worked as a secretary. In Toronto, I met my future husband, also from England. After we married, one of our first actions was to buy a brand new Buick—on time, of course. With the Buick, $300 in the bank, and no jobs, we set off on a trip across the continent to Vancouver, British Columbia. There, we managed to get work—but were both laid off after a year. So we moved south, to San Francisco.

Life was a financial struggle in those early years but we managed to pay off the Buick, buy a home on the San Francisco Peninsula, and have two children. When the younger started kindergarten, I decided it was time to further my education which had been cut short by my parents’ migration to Canada. After a two-year stint in a local community college, I was admitted to Stanford University where I spent seven happy years. I left Stanford with a Ph.D. in Sociology. My special areas of study were the Sociology of the Family and Formal Organizations.

Several years as a Research Sociologist followed. Much of my work focused on the impact of work organizations and government programs on American families. During this time, my book, Families in a Working World (Praeger, 1982), was published. Then, I left the world of research and became an internal consultant in a large San Francisco firm. For five years, I was director of the Management Consulting section. My second book, co-authored with David Weckler, was Organization Design (Crisp Publications, 1996).

For the past few years, I have focused on writing fiction. Straight Down the Middle is my first novel.

I am an active member of the California Writers Club, and served on the board of the San Francisco Peninsula Branch for several years. Apart from writing, the activities I most enjoy are reading, traveling to foreign places, and spending time with my husband, two children and three grandchildren.