Margaret Davis’s Book Launch Party for Straight Down the Middle

Party Bloopers!

On February 7, 2009 I held a book launch party for Straight Down the Middle. For me, it was a date picked at random; for the rest of the world it was Super Bowl Sunday.  What a blooper!  It was a lovely party, nevertheless.  We met in a beautiful reception room at The Peninsula Regent in San Mateo (courtesy of Ruth Silnes).  Family members helped me sell books and hand out cake.

Among the guests present were authors Luisa Adams (Woven of Water), Winifred McCaffrey (Gule Wamkulu—The Big Dance), Laurel Anne Hill (Heroes Arise), Joyce Robins (Aunt Lydia’s Trousseau), Teresa LeYung Ryan (Love Made of Heart), Geri Spieler (Taking Aim at the President).

Straight Down the Middle has received some wonderful reviews from readers.  Many of the full reviews are posted on Amazon.Com.  Some excerpts follow:  “[It] is the kind of a story that stays with you—a page turner.” (Ruth Silnes); “Margaret Davis writes a compelling story…I recommend this fine gift to any reader who appreciates a good story, a complex situation, and a heroic approach to the resolution of what has heart and meaning in life.  This book is a winner!”  (Luisa Adams); “A sweet love story.” (Holly Millar); “Thoroughly enjoyable…humorous and heart-wrenchingly human, Straight Down the Middle is a wonderful way to spend a day.” (Winifred McCaffrey); “Thank you for such a wonderfully entertaining book!…the writing is superb…” (Sarah Marion); “…A compelling, complex narrative…The Davis prose is fluid and rhythmic…  …Straight Down the Middle made this reader ask, ‘When will there be another story by the same author?’” (Gordon Seely)

Author Margaret Davis with Guests at Book Launch

Margaret Davis, Sociologist & Author of Straight Down the Middle.