Sociologist and Author Margaret R. Davis’s Novel Depicts Shenanigans as Women and Men Climb Corporate Ladder

The Miranda Affair, a new novel by Margaret R. Davis


Sociologist and author Margaret R. Davis’s new novel, The Miranda Affair (published by Sand Hill Review Press, 2017) is a light-hearted yet serious depiction of the political shenanigans that take place as women and men in a large corporation struggle to climb the corporate ladder.

See how protagonists/rivals Katie Carlisle and Barry Bryce cope and triumph.

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[….] I changed firms again and moved another rung up the corporate ladder, and it felt a little less fraught to deal with the inevitable. I was able to say no to the senior government official who said, “How about we go up to my hotel room?” before obscenely wagging his tongue at me in front of my colleagues. I could knock the portfolio manager’s hands off my leg without too much fear of retribution.

These are stories…. But in the dizzying past few weeks, as this crucial moment of reckoning on sexual harassment continues, it’s clear that the harassment I was subjected to is not in the past….


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