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Teleseminars on Writing and Publishing

New Blog July 27, 2010

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Internet Teleseminars on Writing and Publishing


July 28, 2010

There are innumerable teleseminars, many of them free, available on the Internet on the subjects of writing and publishing.  One particularly good one I signed up for recently was Michael Levin’s Ghostwriting Teleseminar  (  This contained a number of tips for authors writing for publication. 

Some were the usual commonsensical ones:

 *Always personalize your correspondence and make sure you’re writing to the right person. Call the agency/publication, if necessary, to check on spelling and gender.

*Do send multiple simultaneous submissions.

*Make sure your submission is neatly typed, without errors.

Other tips run counter to popular wisdom:

  • Don’t ever send a query letter—even if specifically asked for.
  • Don’t ever send a synopsis–even if specifically asked for.
  • Instead, send a cover letter with 50 pages of your manuscript (again, even if you are specifically asked not to send any of your manuscript)
  • Avoid electronic submissions—always send your cover letter and manuscript pages in hard cover (it is much too easy to press the delete button on an email).

 There are loads of other tips on submissions and many tips on the manuscript itself.  For example:

*It must have conflict on page 1 (not necessarily the main conflict of the book).

*It features a situation we haven’t seen before.

*Characters are likeable (even if they’re “evil”).

*It raises good questions.

All food for thought.