NEW: The Miranda Affair

The Miranda Affair, Margaret R. Davis’s new novel

“I loved The Miranda Affair ! I couldn’t put it down. A most enjoyable read. A love story, work struggle and a lot of real historical reality.” Carol Robinson 

“Margaret Davis’s mastery chooses a sociopolitical theme current in our society.” Winifred McCaffrey

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Story Synopsis 

It’s San Francisco, 1989.  Ambitious Katie Carlisle is right where she wants to be: moving up the corporate ladder.  She’s being groomed to take her manager’s place, and nearly ready to take the helm when she finds herself in a hostile rivalry with Barry Bryce, a newly hired “hatchet man,” who threatens not only her opportunities for advancement but her very job.

Meantime, their CEO has engaged the services of a sexy young consultant, Miranda Peabody, whom he urges Barry to find work for—a difficult task for she has limited talents. Her presence is both amusing and annoying to Katie and to Barry, but they are hoping that the CEO will soon lose interest in Miranda and that her meddling won’t affect their careers.

When the Loma Prieta earthquake hits San Francisco, its reverberations forever change the work and love lives of all protagonists.

Excerpt from The Miranda Affair:

“Get out. You make me sick.”

Katie Carlisle stood frozen until he repeated, “I said, get out.” And then she did—out of his office and down the hall to hers.

The anger in his voice told her he had come to the end of his patience in dealing with her. This could only mean that she could say goodbye to her dream of shortly replacing him as department manager. True, the last few months had been unexpectedly difficult—with some near misses in her attempts to hold onto her job. But somehow she had felt she would eventually prevail— until today. Had she made one misstep too many?

Once seated at her desk, Katie swiveled her chair toward the window, past the jade plant on the sill—oh, jade plant of happier days!—toward the view up Market Street. Now, she must clear her head and make sense of what had just happened.

She knew the exact date everything had started to go wrong. It was on Friday, January 27, 1989—her 39th birthday.